Air Pollution And Its Effects On Health

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Air pollution is considered the presence of a harmful substance in the air. “All aerobic biological system use oxygen as an essential part of their physiological cellular metabolic processes (Valavanidis et. al 2013).”With the inclusion of oxygen within our biological systems come complications. More specifically, air pollution has been deemed hazardous to human health. Air pollution is a complex and abundant mixture of pollutants. The combination of matter includes particulate matter, chemical substance, biological materials as well as particles that are large enough to be seen with the naked eye. Regardless the type of particles it consists of, particulate matter is associated with triggering serious health complications. There is an upsurge in awareness of adverse effects on health due to both acute and chronic exposure to particulate matter. Furthermore, epidemiological as well as toxicological studies continue to discover a correlation between particle pollution and mortality. The objective of this paper is to discuss particulate matter and address the health problems it can manifest. Particulate matter is particle air pollution that consists of both organic and inorganic molecules (Blomberg 2012). This particle pollution, also known as PM, is constructed of inhalable coarse particles as well as fine course particles. These particles consist of various sizes, which are unequivocally connected to causations of health ailments. The inhalable course particles (PM10) have
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