Air Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment

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Air pollution has become a huge dilemma in our environment. Pollution is caused by the toxic release of chemicals and pollutants; releasing pollutants into the atmosphere harm the planet and pose a threat to human lives. Some of these pollutants include Carbon Monoxide, lead, acid gases, and Nitrogen oxides. Most of these pollutants are caused by industrial factories and vehicle exhaust. Air pollution is a global battle and preventing it will only help decrease the existing damage. In China, air pollution is so severe that people have to wear masks to reduce the risk of contracting any diseases. In California, it’s at its highest level and it continues to increase. The creation of freeways and roads contribute to the bad air quality…show more content…
The proximity that people have to freeways and industries contribute to the diseases one might develop. Children are affected by air pollution the most because they develop or are born with some type of lung related disease. “Children who live near freeways, ports, and rail yards are five times more likely to have lung damage than kids who don’t.”(NRDC, 2017) Barrio Logan is located in a much-polluted area and it is surrounded by freeways. The community is one of the most affected neighborhoods in San Diego and its location is prominent for its high levels of air pollution. “ is located in a large urban area, near major freeways, industrial sources, and neighborhood sources such as gas stations, dry cleaners, and automotive repair facilities.” (CalEPA, n.p) Residents here are highly prone to develop asthma. “ A report released in 2014 by the California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) shows asthma-related hospital visits in the 92113 ZIP code fell within the highest 10th percentile in the state. On average, 80 of every 10,000 residents visited an emergency center for asthma between 2007 and 2009.” (inewsource, 2014) In City Heights, air pollution is also an issue. People in this neighborhood also experience greater risks of developing or having a lung related problem. “EPA Respiratory Risk data from 2009 show that City Heights residents experience a 4-5 times greater risk than
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