Air Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment

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1. Introduction
With the growth of number of factories, transportation and various exhaust gases today, a level of air pollution has significantly increased in the environment. The smog enveloping the city is the most visible and obvious sign of urban pollution. However, even invisible harmful particles can have a big impact on the quality of airspace. In general, any substance released into the environment and having an adverse effect, is an air pollution. Hazardous substances present in the air, not only affect the environment but to a greater extent on the person who breathes it.
Nitrogen dioxides and carbon monoxide are two wildly known factors of global polluting of Earth. CO, a greenhouse gas, is widely considered to be pollution caused by cars, planes, different human activities including burning coal and fuels such as natural gas. In the last century, people 's actions have led to a significant increase in the concentration of oxide in the atmosphere, much more then it was hundreds years ago. With poisoning, molecules block the process of transporting oxygen and cellular respiration. Thus, the concentration in air of more than 0.1% leads to death within one hour. Nitrogen dioxide in its turn, is highly toxic. Even in small concentrations, it irritates the respiratory tract and in large concentrations causes pulmonary edema. Thereby, air pollution has a high impact on a human being.
Harmful effect is rising with high level of noise. It is pretty obvious, that airport
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