Air Pollution And Its Effects

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Air pollution has been around for centuries now, but it has not been until recently that it has become an issue. Air pollution is a problem that is more severe than the general public understands it to be for several reasons. I chose this topic because its effects on the health of the general public have become more prevalent over the years. It has become a concern to me because my health is affected as well. Not only does it impact our health and well-being, air pollution is causing multiple environmental disturbances, including contributing to global warming and global dimming. The existence of air pollution has been around since the early days. Air pollution is the introduction of a harmful or poisonous substance in the air. There are…show more content…
Natural order controls the levels of these gases present in the air; emission is balanced out by uptake through sinks. For example, oceans, plants, and trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to even out the return of the gas going into the atmosphere.
However, the start of the Industrial Revolution in the late 1800s introduced an imbalance in the levels of greenhouse gases. Deforestation around the globe depleted the number of trees and plants necessary to keep the balance. The Industrial Revolution also marked a new age in which factories became the primary production source of manufactured goods. The iron and textile industries grew tremendously. In order to meet requirements, factories, power plants, and machines became necessary for the mass production of manufactured goods (“Industrial Revolution,” 2009). The operations of these factories, power plants, and machines required the burning of the fossil fuel coal, which is now one of the main sources of sulfur dioxide deposits in the atmosphere. The growth of the transportation industry also promoted the levels of pollution in the air. Most vehicles, including trains, cars, boats, and planes, utilize fossil fuels. Thus the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere have drastically increased (“Water and Air Pollution,” 2009). The impact of the Industrial Revolution shows the effects of human productivity to be more potent for air pollution than natural emissions.
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