Air Pollution : Causes, Economic, Social, And Health Impacts

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Over the past few years, air pollution has been one of the major problems encountered in the California central valley. The Central Valley, also called as the Great Valley of California, is comprised of approximately about 20, 000 square miles. It is consisted of two parts, the northern portion is called the Sacramento Valley and the southern portion is called the San Joaquin Valley (U.S.). There are several factors that could have contributed to the amount of air pollution in the air, some of which humans have the ability to prevent and mitigate. Many of the activities that we do in our daily lives could result to the development of air pollution without us even knowing it. In this paper, we will discuss what air pollution is and gain a better understanding of what air pollution is, determine its causes, economic, social, and health impacts, and create solutions that would address the problem of air pollution in the California central valley. In definition, air pollution is the appearance air pollutant in the air which worsens the quality of air and imperil the health of living organisms, natural resources, and structures and properties (Park, 2016). The sources of air pollution could come from natural sources such as forest fires, and volcanic eruptions, moreover, it could also come from substances that are emitted into the air that resulted from human activities. Human activities could either be accidental or intentional. Some of the accidental human activities

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