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In recent years, air pollution has become a growing problem in China (Zhang, Chao). According to the newly released scientific paper by Dan Levin, outdoor air pollution contrib7utes to the deaths of 1.6 million people in China every year, and about 4,400 people a day (Levin, Dan). Essentially, air is a major part of our overall health. However, people (including ourselves), especially living in developed countries, suffer from the exposure of air pollution. This potentially puts our health at risk. It causes various negative effects to our body that in worst cases leads to death. Air pollution affects our health in multiple ways; as it varies from minimal to serious problems. The air pollutants have negative effects on our cardiovascular…show more content…
It consists of the heart, a system of arteries, veins, and capillaries (Anand, Mahindra). The heart is a muscular organ that consists of four chambers, 2 atria, and 2 ventricles; all of these used to pump blood into the body in a cycle (Anand, Mahindra). It transports and supplies us with many nutrients. The cardiovascular system is also responsible for the transport of oxygen, hormones, and cellular waste products throughout the whole body. It protects the body through its white blood cells (Anand, Mahindra). Anand Mahindra writes how the white blood cells clean up cellular debris and fight pathogens that have entered the body (Anand, Mahindra). In other words, the white blood cells are responsible for fighting any sort of infected bacteria entering the body. All of this is occurs due to the cycle provided by the cardiovascular system and the works of the heart. Overall, there are multiple risk factors that air pollution can cause to our body affecting the cycle mainly to the heart. In a study, it showed how exposure to air pollution, was connected with the increased hospital admissions for stroke in China (Liu, Hui,). Nutritionist Raphaelo Steff, states that pollutants such as ozone irritate people's breathing, triggering asthma-like symptoms and can potentially cause lung and heart diseases (Jang, An-Soo). If the cardiovascular system is affected, it can

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