Air Pollution : Factors Responsible For Poor Air Quality

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Introduction The Central Valley contains the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley, stretching from Redding to Bakersfield, which is the home to millions of residents. It was named as the Central Valley because its geographical location is in the center of the state of California which is surrounded by mountain ranges. The bowl shaped valley contains all the emissions and activities that the residents cause from travelling to work and other places. Not only does the Central Valley get its pollution from the valley, but it also gets air pollution that are transported from the Bay Area ( Due to the valley’s bowl shape, it traps the pollution which causes many issues and is a serious problem. This research paper will focus on the major source of air pollution, factors responsible for poor air quality, impacts of air pollutants in the valley, and regulations. Major Source of Air Pollutants The major source to air pollution in the Central Valley is the emissions from factories and automobiles. Burning fossil fuels has become a daily part of our lives since the industrial time because it powers transporting vehicles, buildings, and many appliances that we need. It is difficult to contain the burning of fossil fuels to a minimum, which is the major cause of air pollution, because many people rely heavily on it. Each vehicle that is being used emits fumes from the car exhaust which contains hazardous gases that are harmful to whoever breaths it in. The gases that

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