Air Pollution Is A Serious Issue Across The Country

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Air pollution is a serious issue across the country as well as the entire planet. Whether that air pollution is coming from one source, which could be an electric power plant, or air pollution that occurs due to a location being inside of a valley, which can be seen famously in Los Angeles, California. A more local issue can be seen within the Merrimack County of New Hampshire where along the Merrimack River the surrounding communities are at a disadvantage due to being inside of a valley. Due to the communities being inside of a valley much of the air pollution has no way to escape at a relatively fast rate, thus causing serious air pollution within the area. Solutions for the problem of air pollution can include, but are not limited to,…show more content…
New Hampshire is not alone in the issues that they are facing when it comes to air pollution. Other issues that cause the air pollution of a community to be an issue is the use of incinerators to generate electricity for the community. Although this kind of method does benefit certain aspects of the environment, the idea of not having a landfill, it does cause other issues where there are more emissions that pollute the air. Although not located within the Merrimack County one incinerator located in New Hampshire does give people a look into how these kinds of structures cause issues with the air quality. Authors Xiahong Feng, Ann P. Melander, and Bjoern Klaue describe issues that come from one incinerator located in Claremont, New Hampshire. The authors talk about how there are many metals that are released into the air causing poor air quality within the community surrounding it (Feng, Xiahong, Ann P. Melander, and Bjoern Klaue 2000). Those kinds of issues do also correlate with the issues of young children developing chronic breathing problems due to being located near those kinds of electric plants. Another issues that is not exclusive to New Hampshire but is prevalent due to high amount of granite rock located within the states, is the issue of radon that can cause issues with air quality as well. Although there is direct cause for radon being in
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