Air Pollution Is Something That Every Country Suffer From.

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Air pollution is something that every country suffer from. The United States of America is one of those countries. According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), pollution levels in many areas of the United States exceed national air quality standards. With air pollution exceeding air quality, some political parties are willing to take action, while others are not. Understanding the most current presidential candidates’ views on air pollution is vital to ensure who will protect the children, the people of the future. Air pollution is an important STEM policy issue that need to be noticed, addressed, and fixed immediately. Air pollution can cause numerous health issues and can negatively impact the environment. What is air pollution?…show more content…
The Democratic party have said a lot about air pollution. They believe air pollution is an alarming problem that should be fixed. According to the 2016 Democratic Platform, Democrats believe that clean air is a right to all Americans. Democrats have acknowledged that air pollution along with other factors such as water pollution, and toxins can lead to an increase in health issues and economic hardships, mostly in low income areas. “Hillary plans to continue that plan to reduce pollution of all kinds, especially air and water pollution in disadvantaged such as low-income communities become of hazardous companies (Murray, 2016). She will continue the EPA goal, to improve the environment and people health. It is evident that the Democratic policy believes that Air pollution is a problem that needs to be resolved. Another political party that have stated something about Air pollution is the Green Party. The green party stands with the idea of fixing air pollution. In Jill Stein platform, she states she plan to invest in clean air for everyone to clean up America (2016). Dr. Jill Stein believe in protection of future generations and plan to adopt the Precautionary Principle. The Precautionary Principle is when precautionary measures will be taken when an activity poses threats of harm to human health or the environment when is objective to scientific consensus (Jill Stein Platform, 2016). Another concept of
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