Air Pollution Literature Review

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Air, is one of the most substantial source to mankind and our planet. While it exists, so does everything else along. However, in today’s epidemic, there has been certain factors that have increased in understanding whether the air we breathe today is healthy or not? Is it doing more harm than we thought? In other words, the health risks against air pollution have risen in the past few decades; all from what you may ask? Well, it could be for various factors and evaluations; either environmental or materialistic. Pollution is a major public health crisis in the world. (Friis, 2012). This is one of the conflicts that contribute to various aspects of an individual’s life, whether they may realize it or not. In this paper will include the sources that cause pollution with the effects it cause as well as policies on the regulation of air pollution. In order to collect appropriate materials for this review, I analyzed a computerized literature search of Google Scholars and GeoRef databases using the keywords “quality”, “pollution”, “San Joaquin Valley”, and “environmental health.” Afterwards, each of these keywords was individually and doubly paired with the main terms: “air.” To be selected in this analysis, findings needed to present information more specifically about air contamination and its link to pollution. I conducted various types of research in finding out the connections between air pollution and the factors that contributes to it. Air is crucial for our survival
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