Air Pollution Precaution

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Air pollution is now recognized as the world’s single largest environmental and human health threat. In 2014, the World Health Organization estimated that 7 million people worldwide die annually as a result of air pollution, and estimates that 92% of the world’s population lives in places where air quality levels exceed safe limits., A new groundbreaking study published on October 19, 2017 in the Lancet Journal of Medicine has now linked air pollution as a cause of 9 million deaths globally. While concerns of pollution related deaths are much more prevalent in many Asian and developing countries, it can certainly become a relevant issue in North America if proper precautions are not taken. For instance, numbers released by Statistics Canada from the 2016 Canadian census shows the population of Toronto has grown 6.2% since 2011, well above the Canadian national growth rate of 5.0% over the same period of time. As a city on the forefront of innovation, Toronto is in a position to invest in a smart city application that can track air quality throughout the metropolitan area, allowing the city to take control of its future by ensuring a high quality of living for its ever growing population.
By tracking air quality, Toronto will be able to map areas of high pollution, identify polluters, and understand how these changes happen over time. All smart city applications related to understanding pollution require some sort of sensor to measure air quality. There are generally three
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