Essay about Air Pollution and Health Disparities

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To a great degree the eminent problem is the air pollution we breathe. Who can help amend the air we breathe. In order to improve the quality of the air, people have to be aware of the specific mode of pollution and the effect of it. The traffic-pollution causes affliction and distress to individuals. The reason for this tragedy is due in part by every one of us. High concentration of vehicle exhausts is the main source of air pollution in urban areas. Neighborhoods in proximity to heavy traffic areas can negatively impact a community’s health conditions and outcomes. Those people that are disproportionately exposed to great levels of exhaust fumes are those who have a low socioeconomic and educational status and are part of race/ethnicity…show more content…
PM2.5 fine inhalable combustion particles connecting this to serious health problem including cardiovascular disease, aggravation of respiratory and premature deaths. PM10 standard to protection against the effect of dust, pollen, mold, etc. exposure to coarse particles ( 1) Primary standard (health-based) and secondary-standard (welfare-based) protect public health with an adequate margin of safety, including the health of at-risk population/pre-existing condition. 2) Secondary standard (welfare-based) protection public welfare (the state of doing well) from adverse effects, including visibility impairment and known or anticipated on the environment. METHODS CDC studies have relied on measure of traffic by the Geographical Information System (GIS) -The study say that residential proximity to major highways is part of class bias in the housing market structure and land costs, suggesting that pollutant sources are located near disadvantaged communities. Scientists say that those exposed to high levels of pollution particles over time are at higher risk for negative health effects and outcome. The environmental impact on these people’s health impairs their well-being and in most cases leads to death. The U.S. Census Bureau collects data on race and ethnicity and reveals that the people who live in

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