Air Pollution and Some of the Diseases and Problems It Causes

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Air pollution refers to chemicals, biological materials, or other harmful toxins released into the Earth’s atmosphere. [3] Most air pollutants are anthropogenic (human-made), such as exhaust emissions and power plants.[ ] Air pollution damages environments and harms the organism that lives in them by causing life threaten diseases. Indoor air pollution and urban air quality is the world’s worst type of pollutants.[ ] Indoor Air pollution and Urban air Quality is responsible for 3.1 million premature deaths worldwide.[ ] Air pollution has caused respiratory, cardiovascular diseases Such as asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Strokes, Heart attacks, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and many more.[ ] Air pollution ultimately cause serious and life threatening respiratory and cardiovascular disease.[ ] Smog triggers asthma attacks and permanently damage lungs, reduces the function of children’s lungs, and contributes to premature deaths.[ ] Studies have shown that chronic exposure to air pollution caused excessive health problems.[ ]
Statement of Purpose
In this paper I will talk about air pollution and some of the diseases and problems it has caused of the number of the years, because this major problem is still going on today. I will also talk about some air pollutants and where they are coming from or what they are caused by, and how to get rid or lower the air pollution. Also in this paper I will talk about how much money it cost to clean up air pollution

Type of Air
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