Air Pollution from Vehicles

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Air Pollution from Vehicles Jacqueline Alcantar University of Phoenix Kieste Mayfield October 24, 2010 Automobiles as well as other mobile vehicles are one of the largest contributors to polluting our air on a daily basis. While these vehicles produce green house gases such as carbon monoxide, they are also contaminating the air with many other air pollutants and air toxins. By finding alternative fuel sources will be one of the solutions to curb the emissions that produce the pollutions. As smaller cities grow larger in human population our amount of vehicles used daily increases as well. Along with the vehicles we operate come many problems we may see on a regular basis. Some problems you do not see until it is too late to reverse.…show more content…
The ozone is being destroyed due to chlorofluorocarbons. This chemical is emitted from the vehicle and will form ground level ozone or smog. This allows higher UV-b levels to reach the earth’s surface and will cause harm to crops and plants under the oceans water. When it comes to pollution from vehicles it is known as being man made. Something that is man- made we have control over. We can produce both positive and negative impacts. As many the amount of miles we drive to keep our economy and life style going as doubled over the years, the need for vehicles has come to an all time high. Since we can’t eliminate vehicles all together it would be a positive thing to inherit in alternative fuel sources. This would be a positive impact on our health and environment. For those who can make the sacrifices of eliminating vehicle use by riding electrical scooters or bicycles would be doing the most positive impact on eliminating the problems. Negative impacts we as humans have on pollution from vehicles is being uneducated about the understandings and seriousness of the problems occurring. Some of us think the less we know the better off. Currently there is a way to reduce the amount of air pollution being emitted from automobiles. Although they are very pricey an electric car can do wonders. With electricity being used means no gas. No gas would lead to no carbons. No gas also leads to no costly trips
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