Air Polution : The Side Effects Of Air Pollution

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is no question that all living organisms need air to survive. Now imagines that air you need to survive being the same thing that might be killing you. Our environment is suffering due to the all of the negative side effects from air pollution. In Funk and Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia, air pollution is defined as “contamination of the atmosphere by gaseous, liquid, or solid substances that can endanger the health and welfare of humans and other living things or can attack materials, reduce visibility, or produce undesirable oders.” (Air Pollution, 2016) Earths ecosystem is linked to the quality of our air. There has been a global rise of toxics in air pollution. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency does set limits to certain…show more content…
Americas need for more has brought upon an increase of SUVs. SUVs have bigger engines that burn more gas than economy size cars, which leads to more toxics released into our air. We also have freight trucks that run on diesel to worry about. You can see how our form of transportation is a major problem for our air quality. The Journal of Industrial Ecology points out how, “California, where the demand for freight transportation is forecast to rise 1.8% per year and the state has greenhouse gas reduction goals. With this growth in demand, energy us and GHG emissions will increase unless alternative (or improvements in) vehicle technologies, fuels, or logistics are adopted.” (Nahilk, et al. 317) If we use more eco-friendly fuel types and change the way we manufacture cars, we could reduce air pollution. Finding a more eco-friendly form of transportation can benefit the environment and our health. Instead of using a more eco-friendly fuel type we continue to keep gasoline, a crude oil as are primary source of fuel for our cars. There are still toxics being released from the exhaust from cars that we do not even know about. Just in case that was not enough to worry about, we also have another form of human activities such as burning of fossil fuels that contribute and intensify the greenhouse effect. It is our job to protect and educate ourselves about what exactly greenhouse effect is. We should want to know what the impact is and what we can do to put

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