Air Products : A Leading Producer Of Industrial Gases

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Air Products is a leading producer of industrial gasses. The company provides atmospheric gasses, process and specialty gasses, performance materials, and equipment and services for diverse industries. This product mix includes glass coatings for the construction industry, hydrogen for energy production, and gasses for semiconductor chip manufacturing (Air Products 2015). The company 's wide customer base reduces the company 's dependence on any one particular customer. Air Products has annual revenues of $ 7.4 billion, 20,000 employees, and operations in more than 30 nations (Air Products 2015). This multinational company is based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Leonard Parker Pool (1906-1975) founded the company in 1940 (Butrica 1990). By 2000, Air Products had essentially become a holding company in which its various divisions operated with little interaction with each other (Bhagwani 2009). Air Products is the world’s only combined gasses and chemicals company. A market leader in the global electronics and chemical processing industries, Air Products is also the world’s largest hydrogen producer. It is also a Fortune 500 company (Air Products 2015). The company’s four “global growth platforms” are electronics, performance materials, refinery hydrogen, energy solutions, and health care. These areas represent more than half of company sales. Nearly 75% of the company’s capital spending and Research and Development spending are dedicated to these platforms (Air Products 2015).
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