Air Transport Management

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AIR TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS David Lambert Air Transport Management and Operations Contents Introduction - Page 3 Principles of Management – Page 4 Human Resource Management – Page 9 Safety and Security – Page 14 References – Page 18 Introduction All companies and organisations are interested in producing profits, increasing market share and growing the range of products and services that they provide. In order to achieve these goals effective management within the organisation is required. In a general terms management is comprised of ‘top management’, ‘middle management’ and ‘operating…show more content…
One of the principle definitions for the role of managers is the ability and responsibility for making decisions. Making the correct decisions is key to successful management something that in recent years has become pertinent to the airline industry, especially since deregulation. Managers have had to move according to market demand something managers in every other industry have always done. Those airlines that didn’t respond well to deregulation had a poor managerial understanding of a commercial environment, often taking risks that they didn’t fully understand and were unable to be protected from. Pan America relied on protectionism and thus failed in the open market place whereas other operators in America like American and Delta became stronger in this new commercial environment. (Wells, 1998) [1] Functions of Management The primary functions of management are organising, staffing, planning, direction and control. Planning is the key to success for any airline. The ability to forecast demand and plan for an unknown future can save an airline in today’s volatile economic climate. Fundamentally, goals are established and the management teams set out plans to achieve them. This may range from company-wide goals such as capturing a new market or opening a new route, administrative goals relating to staff training and safety or individual goals involving sales or work productivity. Management
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