Air Transportation Security Act : A Common Target For Terrorism And Crime

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Since the beginning of air travel, airlines have been a common target for terrorism and crime. In 1974, the Air Transportation Security Act was passed mandating the screening of passengers and any carry-on property at U.S. airports to ensure the safety of all passengers. After the terroristic attack against the twin towers, in 2001, there was an increase in the amount of precaution for greater security throughout the United States. As result, the Transportation Security Administration was put in the position of taking over responsibility for airport screening. Many new security measures were implemented, including limiting the number and types of items passengers can carry on board an aircraft, requiring passengers to submit their shoes for X-ray screening, as well as full-body scans and pat downs. Since the new requirement of such extreme security measures, a great controversy as to whether these procedures are appropriate has risen. Many argue that some of the new security measures, such as the full-body scanners and pat downs, are an inconvenience that invades the privacy of travelers while others claim that these measures are a necessity that keeps airline traveling safe. While security measures are important and sometimes necessary, the harsh and rigorous pat down procedures can be found extremely threatening. The many people (most of which are innocent) who have been unfortunate enough to have been carrying something questionable that the scanner has picked up, can

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