Air Vice Marshal Francis Hubert

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Air Vice Marshal Francis Hubert (Frank) McNamara Medals and Awards On March of 1917, the allies had planned an attack on Gaza and they had subjected repeated attacks on Junction Station, an important Turkish supply centre, to be carried out by No. 1 Squadron, and No. 14 Squadron, R.F.C. During the attacks on 20th of March, an aircraft piloted by Captain D. from No. 1 Squadron, was forced to land due to being hit by ground fire. Despite the aircraft being a two-seater, he had been flying the aircraft by himself. A great group of enemy on horses were close by and when they saw the aircraft, they began to gallop towards it. At that time, McNamara was on his way home. He had been on the same raid that day, and was severely wounded after being confronted by anti-aircraft fire, despite his circumstances, McNamara decided to attempt a rescue on Captain D. Rutherford. He managed to make a safe landing beside the pilot, and the pilot climbed aboard McNamara 's aircraft, which was a single-seater. Therefore, the pilot could only stand on the wing and hold on to the struts, this made the aircraft very lop-sided, and dragged the aircraft to one side. Due to this and his leg wound, McNamara could no longer control the aircraft, so the aircraft crashed while attempting to take off. Although, crashing, the two remained as they had been, and they set fire to the aircraft and decided to return to the pilot 's aircraft. Pilot Rutherford 's aircraft was close to being captured by the

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