Air and Water Pollutants

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Air and Water Pollutants Environmental pollution has become a key concern for the environmentalists in the recent years. The amount of undesired and harmful substances introduced into the environment has been on a steady rise; this situation has driven UNEP, WHO and other organizations to issue warnings on impending disaster if nothing is done. Pollutants can be classified as either primary or secondary depending on the manner that they are injected into the environment. In this paper, air and water pollutants are the principle focus. The paper also explores the sources of these pollutants, their effects on the living organisms including humans, and probable measures to mitigate their effects to the environment. Air Pollutants Air pollutants refer to those substances that interfere with the natural composition of the atmosphere and are harmful to living organisms. Chlorofluorocarbons are primary pollutants as far as air purity is concerned. They are contained mainly in aerosols and cooling liquid used in refrigerants. They include carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other chlorine substances. Carbon monoxide is produced when compounds containing carbon such as fossil fuel are burnt in insufficient supply of oxygen. A case in point occurs when fuel used to power automobiles produce carbon monoxide that is directly injected into the atmosphere. This gas has negative impacts on the blood system when inhaled by humans and other organisms. For instance, carbon monoxide
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