Air and Water Pollution Paper

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Carbon oxide and Nitrogen oxide are one of the many air pollutants this world is having problems with. As for carbon oxide and nitrogen oxide they fall into the category of a primary pollutant, or as so I believe. The reason for why I believe this is because when nitrogen oxide is let out and exposed into the air it can harm the growth of our plants and crops which results us to lose quantities of our food being grown. Also if nitrogen oxide is inhaled it can cause health complications such as asthma. It is a harmful gas that’s created when chemical interactions such as nitrogen and oxygen are combined together and in some cases it can become life threatening. Carbon oxides are the gases produced my carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. It…show more content…
The lower levels of nitrogen oxide can cause damage to the delicate lung tissues in our body. For animals this can cause lung dieses which looks to be like emphysema to humans. Through the ozone layer, long term exposure to nitrogen oxide on animals leads to repertory infections. Plants are surrounded and feed off of nitrogen oxide; it has been seen in many plant activities. The gradient of nitrogen oxide can also guide the pollen tube to its destination located in the ovule.

Some of the main contributors of water pollution are factories, oil spills, house hold chemicals and waste treatment facilities. Factories and large industries take a big part in water pollution because, most factories use very large amounts of clean fresh water to wash away waste and any harsh chemicals the factory is discarding. The waste-bearing water, or effluent, is discharged into streams, lakes, or oceans, which in turn disperse the polluting substances. The majority of lakes, rivers, and oceans all are polluted because of the basic everyday uses such as fishing, swimming, as drinking supplies such as juice and alcohol, which can result in harming the sea life. Oil spills caused by large boat rips in the body and oil drills in the middle of the ocean have caused a lot of damage to our sea. Birds can die if they get oil caught into their feathers, the birds natural instinct its to lick and clean itself and when it does it will be poisoned. Animals may
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