Airbnb And International Relations

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1. Introduction Bill Gates once famously stated: ‘If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.’ This quote exemplifies the theme of the present paper about Global Businesses and International Relations. The following research question will be examined throughout the course of this paper: ‘How can globalization help to expand businesses today? Airbnb will be used as a case study illustrating the operation of multinational corporations in order to showcase how businesses can expand into foreign markets quickly and efficiently’. This paper is divided into three parts, which will provide further information to the previously stated question. At the beginning, the introduction of International Relations and its role on global business will be discussed. Furthermore, the role of globalization between global actors with a focus on multinational corporations will be expanded. At the end, Airbnb will be used as an example to show how rapidly and efficiently a business can grow into a multinational…show more content…
It includes internationalization activities, such as trade, foreign direct investment and contractual forms of international economic cooperation in important markets. It displays global inter-relatedness, which requires global coordination and coherence of activities in a new way. Globalization indicators show the growing share of trade and foreign direct investment regarding GDP, as well as what it is faster growth in international trade of GDP. Also the importance of increasing foreign direct investment and international production can be seen as well as the share of international services and the emergence of integrated financial markets. An important indicator of globalization is also a decisive influence of technology on international trade and other forms of economic
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