Airbnb Vs San Francisco City

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As an example for the first article, I took the conflict between Airbnb and San Francisco group of property owners and affordable housing activists. The point is that such pressure implies public infrastructure, such as roads and urban housing, which are inherently more difficult than software. According to city economist Ted Egan, every time a city loses a permanent apartment house for short-term rent, it has a net negative economic effect of $ 250,000 to $ 300,000. It easily adds more than about $ 1 million a month to taxes that Airbnb transfers to the city. And every time a city wants to build a new building of affordable housing to replace one that is lost as a result of eviction without guilt, it needs to work out several hundred thousand dollars of subsidies from other countries. This reinforces the current paralysis of the city for building the right mix of subsidized and market housing."Technology challenges the decision makers and the government, as these products help to quickly scale up fairly old ideas, such as couchsurfing or subletting into practical methods, with which virtually anyone can easily participate," said City Manager in an Airbnb poll.…show more content…
And on the other hand, how can city governments work with companies that resist months and years to pay the basic taxes that support the public infrastructure that makes their businesses affordable? Unfortunately, these companies do not. In San Francisco, Airbnb also does not share data with the city, so the planning department has to resort to cleaning up the company's website and using forms that are communicated by the owners themselves once a
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