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Airbus Case Study Jared Blanchflower Kaplan University Abstract This case study examines Airbus. The study will discuss the importance of significant costs and examine costs including cost behavior and prevention costs. It uses a CVP analysis and a balanced scorecard using various types of financial and non-financial measurements regarding multiple stakeholder perspectives to give a more balanced view of the business performance. It also examines the importance of the companies budgeting processes to help it make decisions. The outcome of this case will determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company along with recommendations to prosper in the future. Airbus Case Study In today’s world the success of a business is often defined by the amount of money it makes. Generally, the more money a company makes the better off they are but the true representation of how a business is successful goes far beyond the income statement. There are several items to identify including the significant costs, budgeting processes, strategy, and performance metrics. Understanding the major costs and environmental costs can help a company from throwing money at a problem without results. The many ways a company can budget is important as well because landscapes change so rapidly budgets can disintegrate as fast as they are created. A company that can identify this information and use to it to make informed decisions will ultimately determine its success or failure.

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