Aircraft Accidents Caused by Weath

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Accidents in the aviation industry can occur due to many factors. An aviation accident is the worst nightmare of every pilot or passenger that has ever ridden in an aircraft. Although air travel is one of the safest forms of transportation, accidents do happen with dramatic and terrifying results. The causes of these aviation accidents vary greatly depending on specific circumstances and problems that may develop during the flight process. Weather is one of the factors that can influence an aircraft accident in a number of ways. There are several weather factors that cause and contributed to aircraft accidents. An aircraft can become directly impacted by weather when they are struck by lightning in storms, blown off course, incur
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Turbulence is the movement of unstable air and can be used by many factors. Accidents caused by turbulence are contributed due to turbulence is 75% of all weather related accidents and incident (PBS). Turbulence is a major aviation hazard, and all aircrafts are vulnerable to turbulent motions. It can be present at any altitude and in a wide range of weather conditions, often occurring in relatively clear skies as clear-air turbulence. Any aircraft entering turbulent conditions is vulnerable to damages. The effects of turbulence can range from a bumping of the aircraft that can be discomforting for passengers and crew. It can also cause sudden accelerations that can result in serious injury or temporary loss of aircraft control. Clear-air turbulence is not only dangerous, it also has a major impact on the efficiency of flight operations due to rerouting and delays of aircraft. According to the FAA, "From 1980 through 2008 U.S. air carriers had 234 turbulence accidents, resulting in 298 serious injuries and three fatalities” (Turbulence: Staying Safe). In 1997, a Japanese passenger on a United Airlines flight from Tokyo to Honolulu was jolted out of her seat when the plane encountered turbulence. She suffered fatal injuries when she hit the armrest on the way back down. The passenger was not wearing a seatbelt; according to the NTSB accident brief (Brief of Accident).
Wind Shear Wind shear is a sudden drastic change in wind speed and direction that generally

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