Aircraft Carrier Development Essay

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Aircraft Carrier Development World War II brought much technological advancement that changed the way war was waged; however, the invention of the aircraft carrier was the most important advancement which actually began at the end of World War I. After the plane was invented it was soon used for reconnaissance and then pilots eventually dropped bombs from them and eventually weapons were shot from them at other planes and ground troops. After improvements such as more powerful engines, lighter materials, and weapons synchronized to the speed of the propeller came the new method of transporting planes and using their firepower overseas with the aircraft carrier. Aircraft carriers transformed the methods used to fight battles during…show more content…
Aircraft carriers were not always the gargantuan hunks of metal that they are today. The first aircraft carriers began development at the end of World War I with the invention of the airplane. When technological advances such as mounted machine guns, bomb sights, and rear gunners were invented so was the method of aircraft transport. Experimental aircraft carriers were basically battleships with a huge piece of flat wood bolted on top of them. Airplanes were originally stored the flight deck of the carriers and only few amounts were able to be stored because of the space required to take off and land. Proper methods of takeoff and landing also underwent extensive experimentations. Many pilots crashed their planes in to the water because adequate space in which to take off had not been discovered. Another factor that contributed to experiments in adequate amounts of take off space was the proper amount of air speed that the plane required to sustain flight. The earliest method of launching planes off of battleships was turret jumping which “was not entirely satisfactory [because] the planes could not return to their ships.” If the plane was not travelling fast enough on the ground then the propeller could not pull the plane in the air. Landing planes on the aircraft carriers was also another problem for pilots and testers in the beginning. Various methods were implemented such as crews of sailors to try and steady the
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