Essay on Aircraft Maintainence

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Aircraft maintenance

Question 1

A good safety record is a judgment of past performance but does not guarantee the future (PARLIAMENT of AUSTRALIA 2004) [ref.3]. Airline operators, pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, government regulators and makers all have a stake in making aviation as safe as possible. Howbeit, they are still many aircraft had been crash due to many other reasons, such as the pilot’s error (which we called as the “human factor”), factor of fatigue, weather, congestion and others.

However, the main safety issue that facing aviation regulator today is FATIGUE. The word fatigue is used in everyday living to describe a range of afflictions, varying from a general state of
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The simples form is a count of relevant accidents. However, there is tension between achieving aviation safety that preserves public confidence, thus the Australian aviation regulatory has been keep developing and improving.

1. Autopilot requirement.(Australian Government Civil Aviation Safety Authority ,2006) (ref.4)
December 1997, the introduction of the autopilot system, this has decreased the workload of pilot. A single pilot operation of an airplane under the instrument flight rules is widely accepted as being demanding and imposing a high workload on the pilot. This high workload environment can contribute to serious errors in fuel calculation, assessment of weather, accuracy of navigation, adherence to air traffic control clearance requirements, the application checklists and judgment under stress. In part, these errors can be caused by the instantaneous demands of command decision making and airplane manipulation. The demand and workload can be significantly reduced if the pilot is supported by an autopilot.

2. Increase In Ultralight Aeroplane Maximum Take-off Weight Limit.(Australian Government Civil Aviation Safety Authority ,2006) (ref.4)
October 1998, CASA had made a change for the maximum take-off weight (MTOW). The MTOW for untralight airplanes is 450kg or 480kg. The trade off in lower stall speed is applied so that the kinetic energy remains the same. Observance with
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