Aircraft Maintenance Practices

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Aircraft is parked on an airport as soon as it lands for loading and unloading of passengers and other services. Since the pilot cannot estimate the distances from other aircraft or obstructions, there has to be a crew to assist the pilot when parking for security which is carried out via hand signals called marshalling.

Aircraft marshalling is a visual way of ground crew to communicate with the pilot by utilizing bats or lighted wands, depending upon the time either day or night.

Aircraft Marshallers are required to wear bright surcoat or vest to be well distinguished by the pilot. First thing that the Marshallers should do when aircraft has landed, they should let the pilot know that they are the in-charge marshaller, by raising
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4. Identify gate – Fully extend arms straight above head with wands pointing up

5. Proceed to next marshaller – Point both arms upward; move to sides of body and extend arms outward pointing the wands to the next marshaller.

6. Straight ahead – Bend extended arms at elbows and move wands up and down from chest height to head.

7. This way – Extend arms with or without wands straight vertically

8. Turn left (from pilot’s view) – Extend right arm with wand 90-degree angle to body, move left arm up and down repeatedly with a motion indicating rate of aircraft turn.

9. Turn right (from pilot’s view) – Extend left arm with wand 90-degree angle to body, move right arm up and down repeatedly with a motion indicating rate of aircraft turn.

10. Normal Stop – Fully extend arms with wands at a 90-degree angle to sides and slowly cross wands above the head.

11. Emergency Stop – Sudden extension of arms and crossing wands above the head.

12. Slow down – Extend arms with wands patting up or down from waist to knees.

13. Slow down engine(s) on indicated side – Arms and wands down, wave either right or left wand up and down indicating engine(s) slowing down respectively.

14. Cut Engines – Extend arm with wand forward of body at shoulder level, moving wand in a slicing motion across throat.

15. Start Engine(s) - Raise left arm overhead while pointing the engine to be started and make circular motion of right arm at
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