Aircraft Solutions Assessment Essay

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Course Project: Security Assessment and Recommendations Aircraft Solutions SEC: 571 Adam Grann Professor: Reynolds Weaknesses are a symptom that is prevalent in today’s information technology realm, indicating vulnerabilities and risks that come hand and hand with shared networks like Aircraft Solutions. With enterprises exchanging an unprecedented level of information over open networks, the vulnerabilities and possibility of compromised security by unwanted intruders is swelling up into a new type of beast. At Aircraft Solutions, there are several samples of concerns that could lead to a breach of information or compromised branch of their system. Due to the design of their geographical layout, secure connections that encrypt…show more content…
The consequences of leaving all their information in one location can be catastrophic to the company’s operation and integrity as valued by their clients. Remotely storing vital information should be the first precaution taken when installing an archive full of fragile data. NAS (network attached storage), typically used in the form of cloud or RAID devices provides a safe approach to storing company information. “Common uses are central file storage, media streaming, print serving and backup for all the local drives on your network. You can even access most NAS drives from the Internet if desired.” (How to Buy Network-Attached Storage Drives, Becky Waring). If the NAS devices aren’t sufficient, file servers can support up to 25 users simultaneously and meet the high demands of the usage that typically come with a large network. Business Process Management (BPM) software is a crucial aspect in security policy and infrastructure and another major concern for this firm. Considering the layout of the network, in which employees from various locations and customers ranging around the globe can access, Aircraft Solutions should be sure their BPM is strong. “One of the primary goals of instituting a business process management system is to provide greater accountability for departmental functions, from tracking and monitoring expenditures to ensuring deliverables are met.”
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