Airlift Movie Essay

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MOVIE REVIEW-AIRLIFT Airlift gives a human face to these statistics,telling a story of hope and humanity,culminating in a daredevil operation lead by one man,an unsung hero who put the interests of his countrymen before his own, snatching them out of the jaws of death and bringing them back to their soil. Akshay Kumar plays the role of a rich businessman (Ranjit Katyal) who is Indian by origin but is settled in Kuwait. When the Iraqis have invaded Kuwait and the life of 1,70,000 Indians is at stake Ranjit a After a long time comes neither a movie which is a documentary nor a masala movie. A real life story is narrated in a simple yet gripping style. No melodrama, no overacting-just a straight narrative of what happened during that period.
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