Airline Airlines : Business Strategy Course Theories And Concepts Based On The Business Industry Of The Budget Service Providers

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As a result of the success story of the U.S Budget Airline - Southwest Airlines - Ryanair was established as a first low-cost airline in Europe. The case study is based on the revised Strategy of Ryanair to meet challenges within European airline industry of the budget service providers.
The case discusses the business strategy the company adjusted to improve its performance in the challenging environment.

To meet the aim of this case study we conducted a strategic analysis of the business environment, the industry itself, corporate and secondary information in order to get relevant data for identifying and applying Business Strategy course theories and concepts based on the case study.

Overview of Ryanair
Established in 1985 by the Ryan family with the aim to provide regular passenger airline services to connect Ireland and the UK, Ryanair became an alternative to the state monopolistic carrier, Aer Lingus (Ryanair, 2014). Therefore, in 1997 Ryanair acquired Aer Lingus as the leading air carrier on flights between the Republic of Ireland and the UK with 4 million passengers and a 37 per cent market share. Ryanair was a full-service conventional airline, offering two classes of seating, operating three different types of aircraft.

Ryanair’s goal was to hold its position as Europe’s leading low-fares airline, operating frequent multi-destination flights on short-haul flights, based mainly in regional and secondary airports. The strategy was based on a mission of
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