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Global Network: While primarily a domestic company, UPS has an extensive network of air, land, and sea capability that spans the globe. A dedicated airline and trucking fleet makes this capability possible. In addition, UPS contracts with ocean-liners that utilize UPS containers to ship freight across vast oceans. This global network provides customers with supply chain flexibility and increases supply chain surplus for UPS. Leading-edge Technology: UPS develops and implements proprietary logistical software technology that increases supply chain functionality and improves logistics management internally and externally. For customers, UPS software allows clients to send, track, and manage packages and supply chain partners. For internal clients, UPS has developed a wide range of efficiency enhancing services to reduce costs and provide shareholder value. Broad Portfolio of Services: UPS provides a variety of services to its clients in addition to package delivery. UPS’s competitive strategy involves becoming the premier supply chain operator for multiple organizational types. UPS provides 3rd party and 4th party logistical services such as freight forwarding, customs brokerage, order fulfillment, and returns management. Brand Equity: UPS has been in existence for almost 100 years and during that time UPS has become a household name. The “What can brown do for you?” marketing campaign solidified that the UPS brand stand for quality, service-oriented, reliability, and product

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