Airline Company Marketing Plan

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2.0 Situation Analysis In recent years, the people of Bangladesh have been noticed to be interested in travelling abroad for pleasure trips especially to countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Moreover, the ongoing economic meltdown has forced these countries to reduce the traveling cost to attract more tourists. According to a statistics of Malaysian Tourism Department, they have reduced the travel tax by 25%, overall hotel cost by 30% and their shops have announced sales discount ranging from 10% to 50% for tourists. As a result many of the middle and upper middle class people are now being attracted to travel this countries especially Malaysia. There is a promising market for an air travel package to Malaysia in Bangladesh.…show more content…
| |2008-09 | | | |Adventure, special interest | |8.50% | |10,043 | |10,978 | |11,892 | | | |High income travelers |

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