Airline Food Quality Improvements At The Food Industry

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Airline Food Quality Improvements Culinary arts are the act of preparing, cooking and presenting food in the form of a meal. This process is a science with infinite possibilities and no limits of opportunities. Sullivan (2014) makes the case that food preparation is considered an art. He defines art as “to reveal something hidden”. While the preparation of meals can take many shapes and forms the end means is to allow consumers to consume. People consume meals of a vast variety for many different reasons. Whether it is the weight lifter bulking up, the traveling sales man grabbing a quick bite, or a mother preparing a dinner for her family consumption is a necessary and routine event. The consistent and necessary event provides…show more content…
Having the information provides the foundation of understanding. This allows offerings to be tailored to meet consumer wants. While food preparation can be considered an art, there are some mitigating factors affecting what type of food offerings can be made available in certain settings. Complementary items, necessary to prepare meals, can limit the availability of what can be offered. For example if a kitchen does not have a fryer it is not able to prepare fried foods. An airliner will not maintain a fully stocked kitchen and therefore may be limited to microwaveable dishes. These challenges must be accounted for when determining the culinary menu. Understanding potential limiting factors can assure the best possible offerings are available for the target audience. This analysis will evaluate how a suffering airline, respective to its quality of food offerings, can improve outcomes using market research and customer feedback. This information can be used to support changes in their airline menu. These changes can ensure a better consumer perception toward the airlines food offerings. The use of secondary research, surveys, questionnaires and small pilot groups can assist the airliner with making changes that meet the target audiences expectations. This analysis will identify the abstract constructs used to measure acceptability of airline food offerings. Both culinary offerings and people’s opinions of what constitutes
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