Airline Game : Report On The Simulation Game

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Airline Game: Report on the Simulation Name: Nomusa Hanyani ID Number: 0815712 University of Bedfordshire Introduction This is a report which reviews various strategic tools and considers their application and usefulness in the Airline Simulation Game, April 2014. Theories will be used to help consider the issues and the application of the concepts to the simulation. Question 1 Your first decision when running your airline was to choose the sector it operated in — discount, normal or luxury. Therefore, you had to segment the market. How did you do this? As the simulation progressed, did you change your market segmentation? Why? In your judgement, did you segment the market successfully? Why? If not, why not? To segment our market we took competition mostly into consideration to avoid the fierce pricing. There are a lot of budget airlines such like Ryanair and EasyJet that are low priced but just offer standard class however there is a gap for luxury airlines. We chose this after seeing most airlines are becoming budget to attract more customers which is fantastic, however not all customers in the same market have the same taste. We recognised the upper social class people do like class and luxury. We wanted to be very precise and only target this niche market. Our logical reasoning was that it was easier dealing with people who have money. Our luxury airline was called Porshe Guards Airline. The vision was to create best luxury premium travel
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