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MBA: Strategic Management Assignment Introduction Markets differ in a variety of ways including the degree of concentration and competitiveness, a fact which is reflected in the concept of ‘market structure’. Economists’ models link the structural characteristics of a market to the behaviour of firms in that market and subsequently to their performance. A key question therefore is how far a firm’s strategic decisions are shaped by the structure of the market in which it operates. You are required to undertake a detailed examination of the changing nature of the long-haul transatlantic airline market. The market you are required to investigate comprises only the international passenger market (i.e. excluding the movement of goods by…show more content…
Draw upon market data which is available, to support your conclusions on “Market Structure” with in this industry sector. (30% of marks) 3. Given the conclusions drawn on Market Structure above, examine the level of competition within this market sector with the use of Porters 5 forces model to reinforce your explanation. (20 % of marks) 4. Discuss the strategic decisions that firms in this sector may be facing. What future strategies can firms pursue to try to secure their competitive advantage and long term survival? (25% of marks) Procedure 1. This is an individual project, leading to the production of an individual report. 2. All the data and information you need to complete this assignment is in the public domain and is easily accessible via electronic means. Please do not approach the companies for help with this project. 3. Your project should be presented in report format and should contain an Executive Summary and a Bibliography. Use of Appendices would be appropriate. 4. Your report should be a maximum of 4000 words (excluding Appendices and Bibliography). 5. Submit your report to the Graduate School Office no later than 12th of January. 6. The assessed report will be returned to you within 3 weeks. Your grade will be subject to ratification by the External Examiner and the

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