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Delta Air Lines began in the early 1920’s as a crop dusting operation, known as the Huff Daland crop dusting company, and was based out of Macon, Ga. This was the first agricultural flying company in existence at the time and grew into the world’s largest privately owned fleet of aircraft (18 planes) by the mid 1920’s. At the turn of the decade, co-founder C.E. Woolman lead a movement to purchase Huff Daland and re-branded the company as Delta Air Service, named after the Mississippi River Delta region the company would navigate.
Throughout the 1930’s, the company operated various mail and passenger routes between Florida, Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, and even an international route to Peru. By the middle of the century, Delta had
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Delta merged with Northeast Airlines, began flying routes from Atlanta to London, and managed steady operation and growth post deregulation despite many other airlines filing for bankruptcy.
As the new century unfolded, Delta Air Lines continued exponential growth becoming one of the largest airlines in the country. A merger with Western Airlines in 1987, the acquisition of Pan Am’s transatlantic routes in 1991, and a final merger with Northwest Airlines in 2008 meant Delta now had routes all over the world. Delta like many other airlines faced very difficult times post 9/11 and during the recession. The airline made significant cost improvements across its operation and the merger with Northwest Airlines ended up pushing the airline back into profitable business.
From the humble financial portfolio as a crop dusting outfit in the mid twentieth century, to the multi-billion dollar portfolio of a major airline in the twenty first century, Delta Air Lines has risen as a successful business. The airline industry is directly affected by outside economic conditions and is also cyclical in nature. These factors make it very difficult for airlines to make predictions to stay financially afloat. Delta has ridden the bumpy path of the last twenty years and managed to survive. In the past twenty years there has been many events that

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