Airline Ticket Prices

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Airline Ticket Prices
Jodie L. Hebner
Grantham University
An airline’s ticket price is determined by several factors to include time of day a consumer wishes to travel, day of the week such as Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are usually the most affordable days to travel, popular versus non-popular destinations, first class costs more than general class, cost of fuel, competition from other airlines, special factors such as discounts for military, government or corporate personnel, (How Stuff Works, n.d.) Airlines are constantly analyzing how much consumers are willing to pay and pushing consumers to pay more.
Airlines have used numerous models and computer programs to manage revenue throughout time. These models and computer programs have
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Airlines must be able to make a profit when setting ticket prices. “By comparing the demand curve with the average total cost curves for each airplane type, the airline can determine which size airplane will maximize profits for a given flight.” (Kons, n.d.)
In summary, as with any product, from airline tickets to gasoline prices “consumers have continued to pay the increased fares, so the airlines have become bolder in driving the prices up even further.” (Smith, CNNMoney, 2011) Consumers, their desire, need and want for an item or service will always affect supply, demand, and cost curve. Most organizations have the same goal, which is to make a profit while keeping their costumers happy.

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