Airlines For America ( A4a )

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Airlines for America (A4A) that is known as Air Transport of Association ATA). This is one of America’s largest and oldest airline trade association, and was founded in 1936. The organization played a key role in all major government decisions regarding the aviation industry since its founding, including the creation of the civil Aeronautics Board, establishment of the air traffic control system and airline deregulation (Airlines for America).
Airlines for America brings many businesses, a strong tourism industry, and many other things; doing so requires a lot of work for this company, such as a strong technical understanding so that delays would happen less frequently, also the cost of gas for a plane to fly but make it cheaper for
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Airline for America started purpose is to foster a business and regulatory environment that ensure safe and secure transportation and enables U.S. airlines to flourish, stimulating economic growth locally, nationally and globally. They are with the U.S Congress about state legislatures, they are U.S. department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, and U.S. department of Homeland Security, and for security they also included Transportation Security Administration and Customs and Border Protection. The member of the airlines are Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Atlas Air, FedEx Express, Hawaiian airlines, JetBlue airways, southwest, united and UPS.
The government relation for Airline for America is that A4A senior staff members are trying to testify to the congress in favor of lowering the taxes for airlines that will reduce profits and growth in the industry. Jean Medina, senior vice president of Communications at A4A (and former United coworker), explains that the federal tax burden on a typical $300 round-trip ticket has nearly tripled since 1972, rising from $22 (7 percent) to $61 (20 percent). In fact, since 1990, the number of special federal aviation taxes and fees has increased from six to 17 and the total amount paid has grown annually from $3.7 billion to $19 billion. “These taxes are higher than the federal taxes on alcohol and tobacco, so called ‘sin products’ which are taxed to discourage their use” she says, “Yet, we want
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