Airlines in Australia - Strategic Analysis Essay

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1. Executive Summary 3

2. PESTEL Analysis 4

Political 4

Economic 4

Social 4

Technology 4

Legal 4

Environmental 5

3. SWOT Analysis 6

Strengths 6

Weaknesses 6

Opportunities 6

Threats 6

4. Competitive Analysis 7

a. History and competition/joint ventures 7

b. Industry size, routes, hubs and passenger numbers 9

5. Financial data 2008 14

6. Jetstar 15

New Mission Statement 15

New Value Statement 15

Strategic Objectives 15

Key Strategies 15

1. Executive Summary

In this strategic analysis report I as senior manager of Jetstar have developed PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, created new mission and value
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|Increasing number of destinations |Economic crisis – people saving and not spending for travelling|
|Increasing number of planes |Natural disasters – Islands volcano, earthquakes, tsunami |
|Increase frequency of flights |People worried about safety – terrorist attacks, diseases |
|Increase marketing |(swine flu, H1N1 influenza) |
|Improve technology |People using more other kinds of transport – cars, buses, |
| |trains |

4. Competitive Analysis

At the moment Australian passenger airline industry is dominated by thee large domestic carriers: Quantas, Jetstar and Virgin Blue.

a. History and competition/joint ventures


Jetstar Airways is an Australian

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