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Arimount Corporations
Everfresh Deodorant Marketing Plan

I. Executive Summary
Arimount Corporation is well known for beauty and grooming. The launch of Everfresh deodorant will define the anti-perspiration market. A new chemical, tricliceron, will put Everfresh above the competition. Tricliceron will allow for freshness through the toughest sweats. After 20 years in the hygiene market, return on investments have been average. After the launch of Everfresh, revenue is expected to be above average. Currently, the market is saturated with below to average products that only mask the problem. Everfresh will eliminate the
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Brand trademarking for existing brands

e. Competition
Everfresh will have to pursue customers who are already loyal to particular brands. Breaking brand loyalty will be a challenge, especially with brands that have been on the market for a long time. Everfresh is the competing for the leading brand in the market.

viii. Degree
Degree claims to be 3 times stronger than any clinical strength deodorant in the market. It claims that the more work you do, the harder the product works on keeping your perspiration to a minimum. They guarantee that you can depend on Degree, even in the toughest situations. “Our strongest wetness and odor protection yet! Stay ahead of sweat with a product that’s as strong as you are. Prescription strength wetness protection with 3X the power of a basic antiperspirant1. And now also Degree with motionSENSE™, so the more you move, the more it protects.” (Degree, 2013) ix. Suave
Suave promises to serve 24-hour protection from underarm wetness by providing over the counter prescription strength ingredients. It even comes with fresh scents in order to distinguish themselves from the other products on the market. (Suave, 2013) x. Secret
Secret is endorsed to be proven to work even harder under added stress. It provides prescription strength clinical protection. They advertise to have to protection needed in order to satisfy their consumers. (Secret, 2013)

III. Marketing
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