Airplanes As The Fastest Method Of Transportation

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Airplanes: how they have changed our society. Airplanes serve as the fastest method of transportation today. Once thought as an insane idea soon became one of the greatest inventions of all time. Although the dream of human flight has been around forever, successful flight has only been around for roughly two centuries. The airplane affected the world in a huge way; in the eyes of a citizen it made the world look, and feel smaller, but to the eyes of a nation, it changed the way the process of trade and business was carried out, from transportation by water to transportation by air. Life was much different before the invention of airplanes. travel was done by either horseback, car, train, ferry, or boat all of these methods were extremely slow and tedious (Introduction to Flight). It could take 2 weeks to travel the distance an airplane could travel in two hours. Traveling across seas required you to take a boat and it could take up to a month to finally reach your final destination. The trade of goods between countries was much more of a process than it was today. Over all the world moved slower before the invention of the plane, news and mail got around a lot slower, trade between overseas countries was more of a process, traveling for business or vacations happened far less than it does now (How Has The Airplane Shaped Our Culture). For the people who lived before the airplane the world as a whole seemed much more massive in their eyes, and traveling across all of it
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