Airplanes vs. Cars - Compare/Contrast Idea

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There are multiple ways to get from one place to another – walking, bicycling, cars, subways, trains, boats and airplanes. The majority of people today use cars and airplanes when traveling long distances. However, choosing which mode of transport is best for a traveler generally relies on a few factors – price, comfort, safety, time and potential delays. So, what is the best way to travel long distances? Price is a key component in deciding how to make it from one place to another, because traveling any distance these days comes at some sort of cost. At one time, the car was the least expensive way to travel, because most people owned or had access to a car and gas prices were relatively affordable. However, even though newer cars are…show more content…
For a yearly fee, most airlines have credit cards that offer exclusive discounts on baggage fees, airline tickets and upgraded services to card members. However, airplane travel costs are predictable and stable, travelers pay their ticket price, taxes and additional fees, but are not responsible for the airplane’s fuel cost, maintenance or insurance. Another deciding factor that a traveler must consider is, comfort, who wants to be uncomfortable on their way to a business meeting or at the start of their vaction? Seats in some cars have the ability to be set in many different positions, allowing the traveler to choose the best position for optimum comfort. However, not all car seats are comfortable and while driving the traveler will remain in the same general position for the duration of their travel. Additionally, too much comfort while driving may result in the traveler not being as focused, as they should be. Frequent stops and changing drivers may help make all passengers more comfortable. Nevertheless, unless the traveler is flying first class, coach seating on airplanes is not known or often associated with comfort. Coach seating on an airplane typically results in limited seat recline, constrained leg space and awkwardly shared armrests. Unlike cars, airplane travelers have the ability to

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