Airport Construction Has A Major Effect On The Community

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Airport construction has a major effect on everyone involved and also the community around the airport. When an airport begins to make plans for expansion or repairs a whole list of things are researched and planned years in advance. The airport manager is responsible for overseeing the project and confirming that everything goes as planned and everyone stays safe in the process. There are multiple regulations to abide by not only from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), but by the city and the Occupational Safety and Health Association (0SHA). All of these regulations are enforced to help mitigate the risk involved in airport construction. Airport construction is normally short-term but whiles it’s being performed everyone…show more content…
So with that being an issue the airport is faced with the decision of buying new land which usually results in buying whole neighborhoods and businesses. By doing this the airport personnel has to make it right for the people living in these neighborhoods and offer them good compensation to move away from the airport. They also have to think about the businesses around there and how the economy will be effected if those around forced to move. But if the economy will benefit from the construction at the airport in the long run the homeowners and businesses will not have a choice to stay, but once again they will be takin care of. Communities that use roads and highways by airports can be burdened by airport construction because of the increased traffic from construction vehicles hauling equipment and supplies to the airport. A lot of times construction companies have to travel through neighborhoods and other main roads that causes huge headaches for the community. Airport construction also poses a short-term but substantial threat to the environment with all the different jobs being done, there are a lot of different construction equipment such as cranes, dozers, excavators, concrete equipment, etc. that can cause problems with the environment. The main environmental issues affected by include air, water, and noise pollution. Air pollution has always been a big topic in everywhere and around an airport there is no
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