Airport Passenger Process Mapping and Evaluation

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Airport Passenger Process Mapping and Evaluation Sofia Airport is the largest and one of the three currently functioning airports in Bulgaria. It is built in 1937 and continues to serve flights and today. It consists of two terminal buildings - Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminal 1 was the original airport site until 27th of December 2006 when the airport expanded and Terminal 2 started functioning as Terminal 1’s capacity was insufficient to serve all the flights. According to AIP at EUROCONTROL, Sofia Airport served 3 296 936 passengers for 2010. Terminal 1 is the one that serves both inside and international flights. It functions now for more than 70 years but has been rebuilt and renovated numerous times to perform at the expected…show more content…
Duty free zone faces the small size with various shops offering various duty free goods. At the end of the duty free zone you can find the cafeteria area and waiting area to spend your time before the gate opens. Normally before the staff commences boarding procedure, there is a time window lasting around fifteen- twenty minutes. At each gate there is only one desk for boarding confirmation, so as it opens a large queue forms again. The airport’s solution is to assign multiple employees serving at the desk although sometimes it takes about ten minutes for this simple operation. After this check, passing trough the gate you leave the terminal building. Passengers are loaded at bus transport to be taken to the airplane. Most passengers find this procedure unnecessary and annoying as the distance from the terminal exit to the airplane is not longer than 200 meters. These are security requirements but could be rearranged the distance to be covered on foot as it would take less time and as it’s done at other airports. The whole action to go out trough the gate, get on the bus and reach the airplane entrances lasts about 5 minutes. Then the airplane buses take the passengers to the both entrances of the airplane. Once you get off the bus, it takes two or three minutes and few steps to go up the stairway entrances and find your seat. When arrived back, initially you come back from your traveling, you go back the same way you got on the plane. Getting down the stairway and

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