Airport Security : Airport And Airport

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Before the age of airports, the best way to get large quantities of people and goods from one place to another was by means of ships. Today, that’s all changed with the help of airports. Because of that, airports serve a major purpose in the society of today. This paper takes looks at Kahului airport which is located in Hawaii. Specifically, it dives into the history of the airport. As well as operational statistics such as air carriers that operate in and out of the airport, passenger flow statistics, and talks about the importance of understanding passenger demographics within airports. Environmental factors are also covered. Examples of environmental factors are noise levels surrounding the airport, and ground water pollution. It will also take a look at a couple different sources of airport funding, such as non-aeronautical revenue and how FAA grants can be used to make improvements on airport property. And finally, a few examples of current airport developments that show signs of a healthy airport. Hawaiian Airports: Kahului Airport Airports play a vital role in today’s age. They allow anyone to travel to any destination with ease and allow business to be carried out on a global scale. Aircraft operating in and out of airports can move businessmen and woman to destinations around the world so that they may carry out their business, as well as cargo operations. Local airports attract businesses to them which helps out local economies, and global economies when

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