Airport Terminal Passenger Movement

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Traveling across the country can be a challenge because of the many ways to chose from. Even when you and family decide to travel for a plan vacation, and take your personal vehicle it can be a hassle. How much time do you have seems to be a major factor, because if the drive is too long, how tired will you be after the trip. Of course there are trains and buses that can get you to your destination in a preferred time and will probably not be as busy and the lines will not be as long but the preferred choice and the biggest growing transportation industry is airlines.
The air transportation industry, have plenty of people that travel each year for several of reasons from one city to another, like business or pleasure trips. “The common
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Shopping and eating are two ways to past your extra time before entering the security gates.
The security gates are the bottle neck of the airport terminal, because this is where the TSA agents are trained to save lives, so the searches can be long and uncomfortable at times. The security measures for airports have always been under scrutiny for people getting through security with all type of items for a long time. So security measures have changed over the years to become more consistent and firm during searches of passengers but things have been even more intense since the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the nation. The challenge has been how to get large groups of passengers through the airport with as little problems as possible at a fast pace because of the huge turnover at the large airports each hour of the day. One of the ways the airport terminal use has caught much attention and some cases has been banned because when you go through the machine it appears to show a naked body. “Department of Homeland Security to suspend use of ‘whole-body imaging,’ the airport security technology that critics say performs ‘a virtual strip search’ and produces ‘naked’ pictures of passengers, CNN has learned. (Ravitz, 2009. para. 1) The machines were designed to keep passengers safe, by detecting all type of items that the normal wand or security machine did not pick up. The passengers
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