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Commercial airlines provide a bevy of services to customers and often differentiate ever so minuscule to win customers from rival airlines. Not only are airlines competing amongst one another for customers but adverse situations such as adverse weather, equipment failures and Transport Security Administration (TSA). Airlines are competing with each other while the customers are debating if they want to deal with the stress of flying. Airlines offer services or amenities to make it more appealing to use their services. All planes fly from point A to point B, but what goes on in between makes the difference in the customer’s commercial flying experience.
With so many services provided by airlines it's best, to look at the big picture and
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Just as fast a company gains a customer they could lose a customer if the services are not provided fast enough. Not only should the service be provided efficiently but quality laden to. Using technology to provide services to customers should not water down the quality provided.
Adjusting to a customer is not a direct service but something that the services are provided need to accomplish. For instance, weather delays where customer miss their connecting flights, airlines partner with one another to get the customer to their destination the same day. However, this is not always possible, and airlines typically provide meal and lodging when there are not able to. Adjusting to customers during extended delays will help to satisfy customers when circumstances are uncontrollable. Customers do not care that the aircraft that they were supposed to fly is broken but only that they want to get to their destination for safe and sound without delay. Airlines that have coordination management with their services will attract the most customers.

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Description of the Buying Process
Service Delivery Process prior to purchase: In the service delivery process prior to purchasing the services, initial contact with a customer comes to customer service representative. Customer service representative listens to the needs of customer
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