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Airwheel Z5: High quality standing scooter for today's generation Want to get yourself a new standing scooter? Forget Razor or Pulse Performance. The Airwheel Z5 is the only electric scooter you will ever need to get around the neighborhood, make a quick trip to the store, commute to work or school, or else goof around. Despite being an unheard-of brand, Airwheel is a world leader in smart transportation. Airwheel has been creating smart scooters and skateboards since 2004, incorporating intelligent tools in every product to enrich people's riding experience. The Z5 standing scooter is the brand's latest offering that will serve as an intelligent companion for urban commuters who are increasingly conscious of electric mobility. An electric scooter like no other Ordinary users would expect the Z5 to be like any other electric scooters: fast, longer-lasting, quick-charging, and portable. Indeed, a mode of transport for the present…show more content…
Two brake levers control both front and rear brakes, and are equipped near the handlebars. They are just within your reach, so when you need to brake, you could easily get the brake levers. Light systems: The Airwheel Z5 standing scooter is equipped with a multi-mode headlight and an intelligent brake LED taillight, which lights up automatically when you steer or brake, thus alarming vehicles and pedestrians behind you and safeguarding everyone in the process. Bell: Not all electric scooters comes with a bell. An added safety feature that most pedestrians recognize. The Airwheel Z5 standing scooter is certainly built to perfection and for safety and comfort. Assuring and never assuming, the Z5 imposes a fashionable and powerful impression among electric scooter

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