Aisle One : Chips And Snacks

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Aisle One: Chips and Snacks. Aisle Two: Coffee and Tea. Aisle Three: Endless Opportunities and New Beginnings. This is what I have found at MOMs Organic Market. As I celebrate my one-year anniversary as an employee at this local grocery store, I have begun to truly realize the impact it has had on my life. Given the struggles I have faced in my personal and academic life over the last few years, my career goals and pursuit of a degree have been put on the back burner. Working at MOMs has renewed my sense of purpose and has really opened doors for me. MOMs is so much more than just a grocery store. The opportunities that I have been given at work have inspired me to continue my education and to return to school. In August of 2015, I was hired as a Customer Service Representative for MOMs Organic Market in College Park, Maryland. I learned how to work the Point of Sales in the store, how to properly prepare sample foods for customers and became more knowledgeable when it comes to healthy foods. I was worried that I would burn out, though. How long could I really stay focused and motivated slicing bread or cashiering? I learned soon enough that there is so much more to MOMs than what meets the eye. Yes, MOMs is a grocery store, but it is so much more than that. The company’s purpose is to “protect and restore the environment” - our mission statement isn’t about only providing healthy foods or becoming a successful grocery chain. We focus on all of the ways that we can do our

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